SMART Partnerships

Working with the Roaring Spring Community Library is SMART!

The Roaring Spring Community Library welcomes the opportunity to create community partnership.  The Library feel s it is important to build relationships with those we serve. Supporting local businesses and organizations is critical to our success and survival. How can you work with us?


The Roaring Spring Community Library is always looking for sponsors to support technology, collections, products and services.  Dwindling budgets and rising costs make the need for sponsorships more vital.
Sponsorships are available for a variety of items and services.

  • Sponsor a Day at the Library
  • Sponsor a Collection
  • Sponsor Online Genealogy Database
  • Sponsor Children’s E-books


Donations of items are always welcome at the library.  Donating an item to the library is a way to have your business recognized in the community.  Your donation will be featured on this page. Donations to the library are tax deductible.


Share an idea, product or service with the library.

The R.S.C.L. works hard to give back to our community for investing in us.  We strive to be a valued part of the community for years to come.
For more information contact the library at 224-2994 or e-mail