VolunTEEN Program

Students working to fulfill community service requirements for their school give valuable assistance to their local libraries. Students are responsible for checking with their school to verify that their hours will qualify. If you are completing Service Learning Hours for educational purposes it is your responsibility to make sure that your guidance counselor or school representative has approved your volunteer assignment. It is also your responsibility to make sure that all paperwork involved is properly tracked, signed and turned in.

As a Roaring Spring Community Library Volunteer You Are Able To:

  • Acquire new skills and gain recognized work experience.
  • Expand your social horizons
  • Serve in your own community.
  • Keep up with the latest books, DVD and Music CD’s.
  • Help, and be appreciated for it.
  • Contribute to the success of the public library

Summer Reading Volunteer Program

A Summer Reading Program volunteer is expected to offer courteous, prompt and efficient service to both children of all ages and their parents. Volunteers need to be dependable and cooperative with all staff members and the public. Additionally, volunteers must demonstrate adequate verbal and written communication skills, as well as basic computer skills, in order to assist parents and children in the registration process and to be able to clearly explain the program to:

  • Greet children and help them register for the Summer Reading Program
  • Assist with children’s story time by preparing materials and supporting the children’s librarians
  • Distribute prizes.
  • Assist during story time sessions with children
  • Programming
  • Children’s Craft Preparation (cut out projects, assemble materials, color, paint)
  • Meet and greet families and direct them to the story time room
  • Assist with set up and clean up of children’s programs
  • Cleaning Toys


  • Water and weed the gardens and potted plants.
  • Fall Cleanup put away lawn decorations
  • Spring Prep put out lawn decorations and prepare porch boxes

Plant Watering

  • Water the library’s indoor plants and remove dead leaves and stems
  • Repot root bound plants


  • Process books and magazines for recycling
  • Crush Cans for Cash