Library History

Since its small beginnings the Roaring Spring Community Library has steadily grown in size and use.  Organized by a group of volunteers the doors were opened to the public in January 1959.  The small group of individuals who had the vision to make plans and establish a free library have left a legacy for future generations.

The library was originally housed in two rooms, donated by the WVAM Cove Studio, which were located at 507 East Main Street.  Citizens contributed books from their personal libraries and local organizations contributed money to start the library.  Mrs. Max Baker served as the first librarian as the library promptly started to outgrow these donated quarters.

The Rotary Club assumed sponsorship and formed a Library Committee while the Roaring Spring Borough Council invited the expanding library into rooms at the Borough Hall.  A gift from the D.M. Bare Concession Fund Association enabled renovations.  Volunteers carried the library to its new quarters on a snowy day in February, 1961.

Mrs. Karl Hite served as the first full time librarian as circulation increased from 104 to 709 books in the first quarter.  Once again the library outgrew their donated space.  Roaring Spring Borough Council came to the library’s assistance and purchased the Eldon Inn.  Blank Book Company contributed money to purchase a new furnace for the building.  In January of 1966 the library moved into the Eldon Inn.  Since that time the library has become an integral part of its community and surrounding area.

Extensive upgrade and renovation took place in 2009 when pipes froze and broke causing water damage to the facility and the collection. That same year the Library celebrated 50 years of service to the community.  The library uses the main floor for adult, children’s and teen collections. The second floor houses the Old Greenfield Township Historical Society Collection, the Roaring Spring history room, genealogy, and the Catherine Hiney Children’s Room.  The Lower Level houses the Friends of the Library Book Cellar, and the Red Rooster Meeting room.  As the Library enters the future, plans are being made to continue renovation of the Lower Level.

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