Get Involved


Individual and corporate volunteers donate thousands of hours of work for the library each year. You too can join our corps of dedicated volunteers! You can make a big difference in the quality of library service in your community by sharing your time and talent. In times of tight budgets, volunteers of all skill sets are needed more than ever. Volunteers enhance and enrich the Roaring Spring Community Library year-round. Volunteers work side by side with staff performing everyday Library activities.


The R.S.C.L. offers unpaid internships to students across all areas of study. The library places interns in a position that will utilize their skills and meet academic requirements.  Our goal is to create a valuable working experience for each intern.

ADOPT-A Donation

The Roaring Spring Community Library has several unique opportunities for you to ADOPT.  ADOPT affords you the opportunity to be the first to read, view or listen to your adopted selection.  You can also make an impact by ADOPTING a service, program or supplies at the library. Adoptions can be made by one person, a family, a group of friends or a company. Don’t forget that your donation is also tax deductible. Library revenues continue to decrease while the cost of providing services to our patrons continues to increase. ADOPT is just one way you can help the library continue to be community treasure.

  • ADOPT a Book

  • ADOPT an Author

  • ADOPT a DVD or Music CD

  • ADOPT a Magazine

  • ADOPT a Youth Program

  • ADOPT Supplies

  • ADOPT a Utility